Monday, December 05, 2016
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Meetings are the first three Mondays of each month and the last working day of each month.

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NW KS Local Environmental Protection Group:  Bryon Sowers
 Local Emergency Protection Committee: Mike Baughn
Western Plains RC&D:  Mike Baughn
NW KS Planning & Development: Mike Baughn
Economic Development Alliance: Paul Steele

Each Commissioner is elected to a 4-year term

Byron Sowers, Member - 1st District
  • Ward II (Colby), Gem City, Menlo City, Oakley City, Rexford City, Lacey Township, Menlo Township, East Morgan Township, North Randall Township, South Randall Township, Rovohl Township, Smith Township, and Wendell Township
  • Elected into office in November 2006
  • Took office in January 2007

Paul Steele, Chairman - 2nd District
  • Wards III & IV (Colby)
  • Elected into office in November 2004
  • Took office in January 2005

Mike Baughn, Member - 3rd District
  • Ward I (Colby), Brewster City, Barrett Township, East Hale Township, West Hale Township, Kingery Township, West Morgan Township, and Summers Township
  • Elected into office in November 2012
  • Took office in January 14, 2013